Putting Down Roots

and consider buying a compass
October 4, 2010, 10:46 am
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Assignment for the day: go out into your yard, wherever it is (for those of you who live in dorms, pick the yard that your window faces), and try and figure out where the sun rises and sets, and thus, where north and south and east and west are (remember: sun rises in the east, sets in the west, and runs across the south of the sky). Figure out what areas get sunlight, and at what time of day.

Keep playing this game as you go through your day. What’s blocking the sun? What areas would be really good for growing things? Which way do you have to turn to look towards Sarah Palin in Alaska, or me in Florida, or the monks at Mount Athos in Greece?

Start paying attention.

(Today Nathan and I spent a while working on a garden for someone before realizing that she had totally miscalculated where the sun was in her yard, such that nothing would actually ever grow in the spot we were working on. Oops. First step tomorrow: get $800 of materials sent back to the store. Next step: go to the beach and celebrate not building a crazy raised bed for a too-rich woman. Moral of the story: always know which way is south.)


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