Putting Down Roots

I’ve got heart sparkles for Florida
October 5, 2010, 7:23 pm
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Today Florida won my heart. I mean, totally.

It started when Nathan and I strapped the canoe to the top of the car after spending most of the day loafing around (he spent the majority of the morning sleeping, and I wrote a bunch of letters and read the paper and worked on Bible study curriculum for camp and enjoyed the sun in the garden). We drove down a road like you’d see in an advertisement for Florida, where the live oak trees arch out over the street and there’s Spanish moss dripping from the branches, and eventually ended up at the Wacissa River.

Now, let me tell you: Florida is some sort of magical jungle. The river was full of things that only exist in movies, or that 90s TV show on Nickelodeon where the family had the Jurassic era in their basement (y’all know that show, right? right?). Like alligators. What the heck?! ALLIGATORS! (Ok so maybe we didn’t actually see any but it was an option. Apparently they’re no big deal, says Nathan. “If you’re ever wrestling a gator,” he told me, “just hold its mouth shut.” Yeah ok I’ll try that next time thanks).

Also, you know how maybe a few times in your life you’ve seen a majestic heron majestically take off and float in the air above a river? Maybe three times? Yeah, in Florida they’re everywhere. No big deal. All sorts of birds with long legs and long beaks and wide graceful wings, just flying all over the place looking graceful.

And then we went to a spring. We’re paddling along down this little side stream, and it’s about four feet deep, like the rest of the river. We come to a spot that’s vaguely more open than the rest of the stream, and there’s rope swings hanging down, but who would swing into water that’s five feet deep, right? No one. No one would, that is, except for the fact that within a boat length, five feet deep turns into holy-moly-I-can’t-see-the-bottom-at-all deep. Sixty feet, folks. SIXTY FEET DEEP! All-of-a-sudden. And it’s calm and blue and beautiful and maybe a killer alligator’s going to come up and eat your canoe like they do in the movies. Who knows. It was incredible.

Moral of the story: I have heart sparkles for Florida.


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