Putting Down Roots

still writing poetry
October 15, 2010, 2:25 pm
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Yesterday I had enough time to myself that I started writing poetry again. I’ve never believed much in writer’s block–either you sit down with a pen in your hand or you don’t–but because I hadn’t been doing much of that (except to write letters to all y’all), I had started believing that I probably had ceased being able to write poems. Well, I found myself a pad of paper and the poems (and the stories, and the little starts to essays) started coming. Here are a couple:

Love Poem for Radishes

It’s no less than everything
I do each day: wake up early
and make it rain,
wait for you
to grow your heart-shaped leaves and learn
to make sweetness out of air
and sunlight, to take root and redden,
to become full enough that I can hold you
in callused hands.

What I Need

There’s what I knew I’d need:
a place of my own to sleep,
some peanut butter, some bread,
my map on the wall and a letter,
at least every now and then,
in the mailbox, but I never guessed
the grit of dirt under my nails,
the bugs coming at twilight
towards my warmth. I didn’t think,
after today’s words and thread and song,
today’s rest and clean hands,
that I’d want to get on my knees,
press collards and mustards into the soil.

I didn’t guess it’d feel like breathing.


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