Putting Down Roots

Thanks, Wisconsin!
October 22, 2010, 12:48 pm
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I’m up in Wisconsin, after a little over a thousand miles of driving, one night at a hospital chaplain’s house in Louisville (where things that we all learned included: how to cook beet greens, that texting and driving is the third leading cause of injury in the ER where Marie works, and that parsnips are delicious), and two nights at my mum’s.

Yesterday, after waking up late (OK, fine, I was up before 8, but it still felt late to me, I swear), Nathan and I went to FleetFarm, an enormous store where you can get ammunition, nuts, ear protection, various kinds of tools, more ammunition, a deer head, waders, guns, and overalls if you’re a man. Unfortunately, I’m not a man, so I had a harder time finding overalls, but eventually shelled out for a lovely pair of brown Carrharts that managed to fit both my hips and my chest. (Nathan and I also discovered that we wear the same size in pants. Handy.) You’ll get to see them in some pictures soon (they’re my new dress-overalls, for jobs where I want to look presentable).

After that, we ended up inadvertently on the local foods tour of Two Rivers/Manitowoc:
-We drove out to Pine River Dairy to pick up a ridiculous amount of cheese, buy 25 cent ice cream cones, get fresh sour cream, and show Nathan what an hours-old still-warm squeaky cheese curd tasted like
-We picked up two frozen turkeys from a man who raises a few dozen in his backyard every year, and who gave us a demonstration of how to kill them (I asked).
-We stopped by Shoop’s Apple Farm, a little orchard planted 35 years ago in a front yard, which is now producing a ridiculous amount of ridiculously delicious apples. The old man who sold us cider, squash, and a 5 pound bag of Macs out of his garage also told us a bunch of stories and gave us both an Annie apple (named after his mother, and raised from seed) and a Carl apple (I forget that story) to taste test. The Carl was way more delicious.
-We bought a quart of maple syrup that a man was selling from his “Vinyl Top Shop”, whatever that is (as far as I could tell, it had something to do with fixing or improving cars or boats).
-And, finally, we had more cheese curds, this time fried, from Late’s Diner.

Local food is all around, and it turns out it doesn’t have to be a) expensive, b) pretentious, or c) consumed only by people who are named Willow/Sunshine/Branch and who practice Reiki.


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hmm. funny. My cousin was also in Wisconsin this past week and she ALSO posted a blog about eating fried cheese curds the day after you did. You guys have been telepathically connecting.

(Ok, not. I just think like that to josh myself.)

Comment by PapaG

False. If you eat local food, you love on the Reiki.

Comment by bob

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