Putting Down Roots

why would it be weird?
November 25, 2010, 11:34 am
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The other night I went over to the Aldrich’s house. I got there almost without thinking. Out of all the places in Andover, it’s probably the place I’ve been to most, except perhaps the high school and my own house. It’s where the boy I was in love with in high school lives. When his mother found out that I’d be up for a couple of weeks, she insisted I drop by, and I dropped by the other night. Nate hadn’t gotten back from college yet, so I spent a few hours laughing with his mother and youngest sister. While I was there, we skyped with his other sister, and looked through school pictures from kindergarten onwards, and made sure I’d be able to drop by for Thanksgiving. When we ate pizza, I knew without asking that I could eat Rachel’s crusts as soon as she dropped them on her plate. This is what I love about coming back: that there are more places to come home to than I realize. It doesn’t ever occur to me that spending time with his family should be awkward, and when Janet (the mother) assured me that I could sleep in the spare bedroom, I knew she meant it.

It’s this sort of thing–the people who will continue to claim you, even when you’re not bound by blood or commitment–that makes difficult things bearable. Cleaning out a house full of junk makes me more determined than ever to accumulate little more than a backpack’s worth of stuff, but being in this town also makes me want to keep holding on to those folks who are saving space for me. Especially if it means unlimited pizza crusts.

(while I’m singing the praises of my favorite adoptive family, you should also know that they sing together, like the Von Trapps but sillier and with less outfits made out of curtains, and fewer Nazi boyfriends. Listen to them here: http://www.myspace.com/familyjazz )


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i hope you saved me some crusts! <#<3<&

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