Putting Down Roots

a long day
January 20, 2011, 11:50 pm
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-woke up at 7 to meet with Nathan (which made me fully appreciate that I could have business meetings without brushing my teeth or changing out of my pink nightgown)
-wrote a couple long-overdue letters
-walked around the grounds at my church with a few others to figure out where we could put a community garden
-biked 1/2 hour to Frenchtown
-met with Miaisha and Minister Ivy to talk about starting an oral history project, recording elders (mostly black women) about their experiences growing food when they were younger
-met with a a working group that’s organizing Will Allen’s visit to Tallahassee (who’s Will Allen? check him out here, where he’s listed as one of TIME magazine’s Top 100 people who affect the world, right above Lady Gaga)
-met with a city planner to talk about designating parcels of land (unused corners of parks, empty lots, etc.) that could be pre-approved for potential community gardens
-went to the hospital and got final assurance that, while both of my TB test sites turned vaguely purple, I don’t have tuberculosis (thanks, Mark and Doug!) and thus can start volunteering for Big Bend Hospice
-talked to my mother and discovered that she’s getting two roommates to live in her basement, who also happen to work with construction workers who will pay for endless amounts of baked goods
-sang Sacred Harp (aka shapenote) at the Presbyterian University Center at FSU, successfully terrifying a roomful of collegiate Presbyterians
-made a coffee date with a Tallahassee woman who went to college with Mary McLendon (the mother of camp friends)
-read an 8-page article about unethical police practices in New York City
-realized that my life is, all of a sudden, a lot more busy, and still every bit as wonderful


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