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some highlights from today
January 23, 2011, 11:26 pm
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-There are a few mamas who sit in the back of the sanctuary during worship because they’ve got babies that cry. This morning, as we were singing our second song, I noticed that one of them had started nursing her baby. Public breastfeeding–especially in churches–always makes me smile.

-I got to Quaker meeting in time to sing a few songs before worship started (meeting for worship is generally silent, and so folks who like singing gather a few minutes early). I ended up standing next to a woman with a fabulous deep voice. I’m fairly certain, now that I’ve heard her sing, that she’s male-to-female transgendered, and when I told her that her voice was lovely afterwards, she said that she’s had a hard time trying to feel OK about it. There’s just something wonderful about a stunning bass coming from someone in a silk scarf and a purple cardigan. I told her to come shapenote singing with us.

-When I finally got home from my Sunday morning worship biathalon, the house was empty, so I got to make a giant mess in the kitchen while singing loudly along to bad music

-Katie (along with Tom and Nathan) got home right as Katy Perry’s “Firework” came on. She didn’t skip a beat: she just came right into the kitchen and started dancing with me.

-Nathan neglected to tell me he wanted my help with a workshop today until 45 minutes before we needed to leave for it. It’s with a group of teens with developmental disabilities that we’ve worked with before. Back in October we planted a garden with them. There have been a few workshops in between (which I’ve missed) about tending and thinning and such, but today was the day when they finally got to harvest and cook the food. When the kids came and saw how huge their kale and mustard and chard were, they were ecstatic. All of the things that have been weighing heavy on my heart went away when Claire and Annie and Katy couldn’t stop exclaiming, “look how good our garden is!”

-Tonight, we had Wes and Amanda, our friends who work at our favorite ice cream shop, over for dinner (we had too many chicken eggs, so it was time to make another baker’s-dozen quiche). I asked, mostly in jest, if Lofty Pursuits needed a pretty lady scooping ice cream for them, and Wes said, immediately, that he could get me a job. Translation: I might be able to make dollars talking to people who love ice cream and making them sundaes.

-I finished up the night listening to Taylor Mali poems, which Nathan has a penchant for memorizing. Here’s one of my favorites.



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Great video! I think you just opened my eyes to slam poetry.

Comment by Alex L.

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