Putting Down Roots

living the dream
April 9, 2011, 10:16 pm
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The other day I talked to Bekah, and instead of asking how I was, she asked, “still living the dream?”

Today, after two different evening plans fell through, I ended up floating on my back in the Gulf of Mexico, belly full of ice cream, with the sun setting and a sliver of moon already hung up in the sky. To Bekah, I’d have to say “yes.”

I had wanted to go to Vicki’s farm, about half an hour south of town, to have dinner and visit her ducks and goats and bees and chickens. She had invited me yesterday while we were gardening, saying just to call before I left so she could give me exact directions. I called, got no answer, and left anyways. By the time I got to Crawfordville, I still hadn’t heard from her, so I pulled in to the Winn Dixie. I bought a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and was thankful that I kept a spoon in my purse. Going on vague memories from the only time Nathan brought me to the beach, I kept heading south, and followed the signs to Bald Point.

By the time I got there, the ice cream was perfectly melty and the beach was mostly empty, with only a few evening loungers. The water was nothing like the Atlantic in Maine, which has been almost exclusively where I’ve done ocean swimming for the past few years. Today it was the temperature of bathwater after the bubbles have died down and you’ve gotten through a few chapters of Anne of Green Gables, or whatever you read in the tub. It was warm but refreshing. There were just enough waves, and the water was just salty enough, and there was only a little bit of a breeze.

Having not exactly planned on swimming, I didn’t have my swimsuit, but was luckily wearing a tank top that covered enough of me, as well as a pair of underwear that had been lovingly tie-dyed by a friend at camp. I walked far enough down the beach that I wouldn’t be within scrutiny of anyone who might be scandalized and slipped into the water.

Oh, did it feel good.

I swam until the sun set all the way, and walked down the beach for a bit, and made my way home without getting lost. Remembering a day off a few summers ago when Asher and I had delayed going back to camp by stopping for skirt-finding at Goodwill, a pint of peppermint ice cream at Shain’s, and  stargazing at the beach, I almost pulled off at Hammaknocker’s Barbeque, just to savor the evening a little bit longer with some onion rings (I didn’t).

But now, it’s warm enough that I think I’m going to drag my quilt and sleeping bag out to the front yard to sleep under the stars. Living the dream, indeed.


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