Putting Down Roots

have I mentioned how much I love my neighbors?
April 22, 2011, 11:07 pm
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Today Wendell and I were putting a couple of raised beds in at a house just down the street. We had finally finished, and were loading the truck, when we noticed that we’d tracked dirt all over their nice white driveway, and had forgotten the broom we usually bring to clean up such messes. Heather, the woman who helps me take care of the bees, lived just a few houses down, so I ran over to her house to grab a broom. I knocked on the door, and then saw an old broom in the carport, so I took it. She came out and offered me a better broom, I cleaned up Mike and Karen’s driveway, and ran back across the street, thinking about how hot and sweaty I was (it’s been in the high 80s for a few weeks now). I was fantasizing about a nice tall glass of ice water when I walked up Heather’s driveway and saw a quart jar full of ice and something delightfully orange. It was holding down a paper towel that said “Lindsay: carrrot orange water.”

It was cool and sweet and just exactly what I needed. I’m going to miss this neighborhood.


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