Putting Down Roots

love and hearts and beehives
June 24, 2011, 7:20 am
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A few days ago, I was washing dishes with one of the other women here at camp and taking advantage of the opportunity to check in about how the past year went for her. She told me that she’d been thinking alot about her relationships with guys. Somewhere along the way, she used the phrase, “gave my heart away.”

That phrase has been knocking around in my head for a while. I know what she meant: getting too attached to someone, becoming too close, going beyond the physical boundaries you set for yourself. But what gets me is the image it creates in my mind: that since I’ve got one heart, I either give it away to one person or keep it locked securely behind my ribcage. And, for me anyways, that’s just not how love works.

It makes me think of the honeybees that lived in the hive beside my house this past winter and spring. When they came into my care, they were a weak little colony that we were pretty sure wasn’t going to survive. I managed to feed them enough sugar water to get them through to February, when things started blooming. Once that happened, they took off. Almost every week we added more space to the hive to accomodate the new bees that were being born and the honey that the older bees were making.

When the frames got full of honey, we’d pull them out, and within a few days the bees would have filled the new ones up. In the spring and summer, there’s an almost endless supply of sweetness for the bees, and so they can spend the whole day bringing it in to the hive, condensing it, making it into something that can be stored and shared.

This, I think, is how my heart works: gathering up what the world is putting out, changing it into something sweet and shareable, letting others in on the bounty, and then making more.


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